star trek costumes for men

Star Trek Costumes for Men

Star Trek is one of the most famous sci-fi TV series, with five series and 11 movies.

This sums up the immense choice you have.

However, since the whole concept of a Star Trek theme is to dress like an alien, it automatically adds that creepiness to your costume, which needs to fit in with Halloween needs.

Arguably, the two most popular choices in this theme are Spock and Captain Kirk.

Nero is not too far behind either.

The basic costume that you will find on this theme will involve a full-sleeve velour top, pants that are just a little longer than knee length, and a pair of black boots.

This would make you a perfect Star Trek-themed alien.

If you are going as Spock or McCoy, your costume will be mostly blue.

If you are going as Kirk, your costume would involve a golden shirt, and the list goes on.

The basic costumes are pretty much the same.

However, since the series was too long and the characters continually changed their outfits, it gave costume makers a wide range to obtain inspiration from.

From the very plain and basic ones to the deluxe ones with more details, there are way too many costumes on the market that are inspired by Star Trek.

From the very detailed costumes like Nero’s headpiece, pointed ears, and gown to the quite generic ones, which involve a blue top with a black V-neck and black pants, there is everything.

Adult or Child, Man or Woman, this theme has something for everyone.

Even if you do not wish to actually mimic a character from the series, you should not find it difficult to find costumes that fit the theme and make you look like another crew member of the Enterprise.

Costume shops take into consideration the idea that many people may want to follow the theme but not the characters.

As a result, do not be surprised if you come across Spock’s Vulcan ears and other alien-like pointed ears in these shops.

With so many creepy costume choices to choose from, you can add your own character to this costume and still be one of the ‘Trekkies.’

Being an alien has never been cooler.

photo by TV-Italia via Flickr

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