big bang theory group costume ideas

Big Bang Theory Group Costume Ideas

As group Halloween outfits go, it is tough to beat the popularity of CBS’ Big Bang Theory costumes.

The combination of the simple, easy to assemble individual styles of the main characters make for a very identifiable group costume.

Sheldon, Leonard, Howard, Raj and Penny all bring their own unique style to the clothes their characters wear every week on the television series.

From geek to chic, let’s take a look.

Brainiac Sheldon Cooper combines his love of comic books, his “smarter than the world” self-appraisal and functional view of clothing to make for a very simple costume.

Just slap on a geeky print T-shirt emblazoned with a comic book hero emblem over a long-sleeved single color T-shirt, and pair with dark linen or cotton pants.

Not sure you’ll be recognized as Sheldon? Make your T-shirt one with the iconic Green Lantern emblem, and you won’t be mistaken.

Leonard Hofstader is Sheldon’s erstwhile roommate, and Penny’s on-again, off-again boyfriend.

Throw on some dark-rimmed nerdy-styled glasses, a pair of Chuck Taylors Converse shoes and Leonard’s ever present hoodie, and you are dressing the part.

Like his roommate, Leonard often also wears graphic T-shirts.

In his own mind, Howard Wolowitz is an astronaut playboy who is a hit with the ladies. In actuality, he is lucky to have found and married Bernadette.

The only one of the 4 main male characters on the show without a doctorate, Howard is probably the most stylish of the group.

A high necked Dickie undershirt is required of any respectable Howard Wolowitz costume, as is a bowl haircut and sideburns.

Make sure your bright pastel pants are too tight, and don’t forget the ever-present oversized belt buckle.

Wear a tight shirt and loud shoes, and you are unmistakably dressed as Howard. (Obnoxious come-ons optional.)

Poor Rajesh Koothrappali. So shy he cannot speak around women unless he is drinking alcohol, he is fashionably challenged.

Throw a tacky, zip-up knit sweater jacket on over an unattractive patterned sweater.

Add baggy cargo pants with lots of pockets, an Indian accent and a laptop (so he can videoconference with his parents in India) and you have the perfect Raj Halloween costume.

Penny is the table-waiting actress on the Big Bang Theory that sometimes does, and sometimes doesn’t, date Howard.

She sports beautiful long, flowing, sandy blonde hair, which she wears in multiple hairstyles.

Her personal outfits are many, but if you want to unmistakably play Penny for this Halloween, dress in her iconic Cheesecake Factory uniform.

Wear an open yellow vest blouse over a white button-down, frilled top with your blonde hair pulled away from your face.

Add a simple dark green or blue denim dress and you are unmistakably Penny.

Of course, Amy Farrah Fowler and Bernadette’s outfits are also easy to reproduce as Halloween or party costumes.

Amy, Sheldon’s girlfriend, is all about form and function, while Bernadette is a younger, miniature version of his mother.

Individually, any of the Big Bang Theory costumes can be overlooked.

But get together with your friends, and your group Big Bang Theory costume will be an unmistakable hit.

photo by BagoGames via Flickr

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