pirate costumes for boys

Pirate Costumes for Boys

Pirates are loveable rogues and a fun Halloween costume idea for young boys.

Their rough, ragged appearance is a big hit with this age group, and there are a huge variety of costumes on the market.

As characters, pirates come in all shapes and sizes, so there are plenty of choices out there, including captains, pirates with hooks for hands, pirates with eye patches, pirates with peg legs, and more.

You can also go down the famous pirate route and have your young boy dress up as Captain Hook from the Disney movie Peter Pan or one of the characters from the Pirates Of The Caribbean movie series.

Most classic pirate costumes include a set of torn, ragged pants and a pirate shirt.

In addition to this, they usually feature a belt or waist sash along with a bandana, headband, or Pirate hat.

They also generally include a combination of a coat, a chest strap, a laced jabot, a vest, and laced cuff sleeves.

Alternatively, if your child is a fan of Peter Pan, they may want to go for a Captain Hook costume.

This costume includes a red jacket with gold trim, red pants, a laced jabot, a hook, laced cuff sleeves, and a red pointy hat with a feather.

Another popular pirate costume selection is a character from Pirates Of The Caribbean.

There are many famous characters in this movie series, with Jack Sparrow (played by Johnny Depp) being the most well-known.

Most Jack Sparrow costumes feature a red bandana with attached hair, a white shirt, a blue vest, a belt complete with belt buckles, brown pants, a black fingerless glove, and a ring.

As with most Halloween costumes, pirate costumes are extremely customizable, and there are plenty of supporting accessories available to go with them.

These accessories include boots, eye patches, fake beards, flasks, parrots, peg legs, pirate swords, pistols, and spyglasses and can be used to complete your costume and give it a unique twist.

One of the great things about pirate costumes is that they’re not costumes that will get used just once a year.

boy pirate looking out to sea
boy pirate looking out to sea

If your young boy is a huge pirate fan, they’ll want to dress up in the costume at every opportunity and will be eager to wear it to birthday parties, play dates, or simply around the house.

As a parent, this means you can be sure that you’ll get your money’s worth when buying your child a Halloween pirate costume.

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