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Superman Costumes for Boys

Superman is a classic superhero and hugely popular with kids, which makes him an excellent Halloween costume choice for young boys.

The iconic red, blue, and yellow costume design is instantly recognizable and sure to be a big hit with your child this Halloween.

As a costume idea, Superman is timeless, with the hero first being conceived in 1933 and portrayed across a range of media formats (including comics, movies, and TV shows) over the years.

However, with the recent release of the movie – Man Of Steel, interest in Superman is at an all-time high, so there’s never been a better time for your child to dress up as this iconic hero.

They’ll have hours of fun donning the famous suit, running around, and reenacting scenes from the movie.

When it comes to choosing a Superman costume for your boy, you have plenty of options.

There are a range of classic Superman costumes on the market that feature red boots, a blue jumpsuit, red pants, a red cape, a yellow belt, and the famous red and yellow ‘S’ logo on the front of the suit.

However, if your child prefers the modernized Man Of Steel look from the movie, there are lots of costumes for that too.

superman costume

These costumes may look similar to the classic Superman costume, but there are a number of subtle differences, including the suit being a slightly darker shade of blue and the removal of the yellow belt and the red pants.

Alternatively, if your young boy favors Superman’s nemesis, General Zod, there are plenty of costumes available that allow them to step into the shoes of this super villain.

These costumes feature gray boots, a gray full-body jumpsuit, a black cape, a gray belt, and chunky body armor, allowing your child to perfectly replicate Superman’s rival.

One great thing about choosing Superman or General Zod as a Halloween costume idea is that your young boy’s use of these costumes won’t be restricted to Halloween only.

He can wear it to birthday parties, fancy dress parties, or even just for playing around the house.

So if you’re child is a big admirer of the Man Of Steel, a Superman costume is an investment you won’t regret and one that they’ll look forward to wearing on Halloween and beyond.

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