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Wonder Woman Costumes for Women

This Halloween is the perfect time to get a new Wonder Woman costume for the Halloween party.

It doesn’t matter if you are slim as a pole or plus-sized; the Wonder Woman costume is for everyone because it is all about showing confidence, power, and womanly curves.

One of the most prominent DC Comics superheroes, Wonder Woman, is a woman named Diana from Paradise Island.

The stunningly beautiful and sexy female superhero is known for her love of peace, justice, and equality of the sexes.

She is known as Amazon’s warrior princess, having superior combat skills along with an array of superpowers and super weapons.

So if you are feeling like a strong woman who is fearless and seeks justice, a Wonder Woman costume is surely your thing.

It will definitely stand out from all the male heroes like Batman and Superman that are surely going to be there.

And even in the presence of other female superheroes, Wonder Woman always stands out because of her trademark fiery costume.

Let’s face it, it is very hard to forget the ankle-length red and white boots with that outrageously sexy suit.

The Costume

So what do you do if you finally decide to go as Wonder Woman? Get the costume first, of course!

Thankfully, you won’t have to shed tears of blood in order to procure a Wonder Woman costume, as in the original story.

When compared to some of the superhero costumes to come out of DC Comics over the years, Wonder Woman’s costume falls on the lower end of the spectrum of “unnecessarily complicated.”

While it is not that difficult to assemble the costume, there are a few variations, so decide which actress or comic you want to follow.


Over the years, quite a few women have played the character, each with costumes that are subtly different than the others.

Most costumes make it a point to show off the glorious physical beauty of the character.

The traditional suit exposes quite an enviable cleavage as well as legs that go on forever.

The shiny red suit is bound to make men drool.

As a personal choice, you can improvise the costume to your own wishes.

If you are feeling particularly wicked, you can get a suit with a lower-than-usual neck and, instead of the normal, have the back sufficiently exposed to flaunt your womanly assets.

On the other hand, you can be a little less skimpy and wear something with a higher neck and tight shorts instead of the brief piece of clothing that covers the lower region.

You can also switch to full-length pants that will still accentuate your rear and, at the same time, provide some modesty if you want to.

You can switch from the sleeveless top to a short or long sleeve. Wonder Woman is sometimes known to wear long gloves, so a full sleeve is not as bad as it sounds.

If you are not looking to impress someone, you can always just wear a loose red shirt and pants with a big W stamped on the shirt.


And don’t forget the glorious hair.

If you have short hair, you might have to procure a suitably long wig, or pulling off the Wonder Woman look might be difficult.

There are plenty of wigs available for you to choose from online.


Once you have the costume, it’s time for superhero gadgets, which Wonder Woman doesn’t lack by any means.

Her Lasso of Truth, the indestructible bracelets, and the tiara, which are all weapons that she uses in need, are a must on the list.

So now that you have all the essential ideas about the Wonder Woman costume, I urge you to go out and get kicking.

Consider what you want your costume to look like, and with a little effort, you’ll no doubt achieve the look you want.

Believe in yourself! You are going to be Wonder Woman, after all.

photo by Chris Favero from USA via Wikipedia Commons

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