addams fanily costumes for groups

Addams Family Costumes for Groups

The Addams Family is a popular fictional family that exhibits plenty of creepy characteristics, which makes them an excellent group costume choice for Halloween.

The diverse range of characters in the family makes them suitable for both small and large groups and men and women of all ages.

The Addams Family started out as cartoons in The New Yorker in 1938.

Since then, they have been portrayed in a wide range of popular TV shows and movies.

Their level of fame and their spooky nature mean that they’re perfectly matched to October 31st, which also makes them a very enjoyable set of characters to play.

When it comes to choosing Addams Family costumes for the males in your group, there are three main choices: Gomez, Pugsley, and Uncle Fester.

For the females in your group, there are two main costume choices: Morticia and Wednesday.


Morticia is the wife of Gomez and the mother of Pugsley and Wednesday.

Her costume is a fantastic choice for younger women in the group and includes a long black gothic gown with spider web sleeves and trailing spider web lace that hangs from the wrists.

It can also be accessorized with a long, black Morticia wig, a spider web choker, and false black eyelashes.


Gomez is the leader of The Addams Family, and he’s an excellent choice for fully grown men.

He’s married to Morticia Addams and is the father of Pugsley and Wednesday.

His costume includes a black and purple striped suit jacket with an attached red shirt, a black bow tie, and black and purple striped suit pants.

His costume can also be further accessorized with a sleek black Gomez wig and a black Gomez moustache.


Wednesday is the daughter of Gomez and Morticia and the sister of Pugsley.

Her costume is perfect for younger girls and features a black puritan dress with a white collar and white cuffs, plus a matching white square belt buckle.

You can also add extra detail to this costume by wearing the Wednesday Addams wig, which features a center part and long black pigtails.


Pugsley is the son of Gomez and Morticia and a fantastic option for younger boys.

His costume features a black and white striped T-shirt, black shorts, and black socks.

You can also get further into character and replicate the pale, sleepless appearance of Pugsley using white makeup and dark eye shadow.

Uncle Fester

Uncle Fester is the creepy-looking brother of Gomez and a great alternative costume for the males in your group.

His costume comes with a long, black hooded robe, a rope cord belt, and a pale white Uncle Fester face mask or pale makeup.

Cousin Itt

Although Cousin Itt was not a regular on the Addams Family, he sure made an iconic impact.

On Halloween, when we see a bunch of hair walking around, we immediately know it is Cousin Itt.

We have no idea what is really under all that hair.

Therefore, Cousin Itt can be either male or female.

This is the ultimate disguise; no one will know who you are!

If you want to stick to the spooky theme of Halloween, spending the night dressed as The Addams Family is a great choice.

Going as the Addams Family is a fun choice for both actual families and groups of friends.

photo by Michel Curi via Flickr

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