gangster costumes for men

Gangster Costumes for Men

Gangsters are basically criminals who form gangs to carry out organized crimes.

They are called by many names, like mobsters, thugs, gangsters, goons, and racketeers.

Since they are not superheroes and actually exist, their costumes are quite simple and could be used for different purposes, even after Halloween has ended.

The fear and intimidation that these gangsters have in the hearts of people make them bloodcurdling.

That is what makes these humans—these browbeating humans—such an important part of Halloween.

The very basic gangster attire would consist of three-piece suits, shiny shoes, and a round hat.

However, it depends on your preferences as to what type of gangster you wish to be this Halloween.

From the days of Al Capone to modern-day gangsters, fashion has changed, as have their attires.

However, what has not changed is the fascination that people have with their 100-year-old clothes.

The long coats, the big round hats, and their guns make up the perfect gangster attire.

If you are going for such an old-fashioned costume, you will find yourself in rather loose clothes with big suits and hats.

The suits, then, consisted of stripes and were nowhere close to fitting.

In contrast, modern-day gangsters prefer designer clothing and would not opt for anything less.

While you cannot actually buy one just for Halloween, you will find close alternatives in costume shops.

Other gangster costumes are named ‘gangster mole,’ ‘mob boss, and other such names, with different variations and combinations of formal wear.

These suits, shiny shoes, and hats are generic portrayals of gangsters.

However, if you want to adapt a specific portrayal of a famous gangster, there is no better choice than Scarface, played by Al Pacino.

This portrayal took gangster dressing to a new level by not having a hat or a tie.

Lose your white suit and shiny red shirt with the top buttons open. The Scarface costume gives you more of a ‘pimp’ look.

Add a machine gun to this, and you have yourself an eye-catcher.

The popularity of the character made it one of the most sought-after costumes when it came to Halloween.

If you do not wish to purchase a whole new gangster suit, you can go ahead with some accessories and turn your own suit into a gangster-like suit.

With such stylish dressing, a toy gun or a cigar adds to your gangster appeal.

Halloween is scary. It’s a day when, as the legend has it, the undead rise.

Gangsters are not zombies or vampires; what they are is the scariest form of living creatures, which is why they are Halloween favorites for many.

photo by Dylan Richards via Flickr

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