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Batgirl Costumes for Girls

Just like her male equivalent, Batgirl stands as a symbol of justice, power and ambition amongst the people.

She is the alter ego of Barbara Gordon, daughter of the Police Commissioner James Gordon, Batman’s faithful ally.

Batgirl represents the empowerment of women and is an inspiration for young ladies all around the globe to be a better woman.

Apart from being a superhero, Barbara Gordon is quite accomplished in the real world, holding high-ranking position in the government.

She gives hope to the women, makes them realize that they could do great things too and gives them the resolve to stand up against injustice and crime.

She makes women believe that in their own world, they can be superheroes too.

And that is why your little girl should have a Batgirl costume this Halloween.

She will feel like a real superhero as well as have loads of fun.

The traditional costume of Batgirl varied significantly over the years.

You can either choose a character you remember or liked very much or just improvise your way.

Firstly you can try out the all-black, form fitting body suit.

Leather is the preferable material, but that is totally your choice.

If your child is too young, she probably would not be comfortable moving in the tight suit that we usually see in Batgirl.

Consider this carefully; comfort is above everything else when it comes to small children.

Girls that are a little older would love that costume though. For small girls, skirts are a good choice.

Sleeveless grey top and grey skirts are becoming the trend for young ladies.

There are a few Batgirl Halloween costumes that you can readily choose from.

Many Types of Batgirl Costumes

You can get out of the total black or grey colour theme and add yellow to appear a bit brighter.

Yellow appears on the bat logo stamped in the middle of the chest of every Batman or Batgirl costume.

You can have a yellow stripe or two running parallel to the stitches of the costume or anywhere else.

If you are doubtful, you might consult someone who has a better eye on fashion.

Recent Batman/Batgirl consists of a black and dark blue color theme. You can follow that too.

The recent release of the Dark Knight Series has thrown in an entire new theme in the costume of Batman.

Completely abandoning every other color, Christopher Nolan and his team has gone for a combination of black and grey, which I personally find so much cooler.

Breaking out from the tradition of being fancy, this series went for the more practical and futuristic look.

Who says you can’t take that idea and apply it to the costume of Batgirl?

A replica of the Kevlar armor would turn each and every heads, whether your girl is running around for treats or attending the party.

Adjusting to your needs, you can go for full-length costumes or shorten it up.

You can also get a Batman costume and alter it to fit your girl’s need and appearance.


It is very important that you find and provide the appropriate accessories to go with the Batgirl costume.

The cape of Batgirl is a MUST with capital letters.

No girl would ever feel like a superhero without her cape.

Then there is the mask of Batgirl, which is similar to that of Batman. The horns of Batman/Batgirl usually come with the mask itself.

Do not forget the belt, which is known to store an impressive array of gadgets.

All sorts of Batgirl costumes are available in stores.

It is wise to check out the costumes online. Sites offer review options so you can see how the costume will look when your girl is wearing it.

Know your budget and find the appropriate costume for her.

So make this Halloween special for your young girl and give her the best costume you can get her.

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