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Orange Is the New Black Halloween Costumes

If you are considering wearing an Orange Is the New Black Halloween costume this year, simplicity is the key.

Just like the characters in the popular Netflix comedy drama, your costume requires nothing more than an orange or tan jumpsuit or hospital scrubs.

You could dress up your outfit with a serial number or wig to better represent the main characters in the predominantly female series.

The Orange Is the New Black costumes also make great group outfits.

The characters in the series, which is based on real-life Piper Kerman’s memoir Orange Is the New Black: My Year in a Women’s Prison, all wear orange state-issued scrubs as inmates of the fictional Federal Department of Corrections.

You can find some low-cost orange scrubs that you can share with your friends, but the simplistic costumes are also easily found online and inexpensively priced.

The main star of the show is named Piper Chapman.

She is living a quiet, law-abiding life as a member of New York’s upper middle class when she is sentenced to 15 months in a women’s federal prison for something she did 10 years prior.

Character Alex Vause had Piper transport a suitcase full of drug money all those years ago, and that comes back to haunt her.

When Alex names Piper at her trial, the star of the series winds up at the Gray Bar Hotel.

A blonde wig and accompanying Orange Is the New Black costume can be purchased at several online costume stores and Amazon.

No one will mistake you for anyone other than the show’s lead character, Piper.

One of the main characters in the series is Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren.

Slap on some orange or brown scrubs, add a wildly styled wig that replicates the actress’s hairstyle on the show, and everyone will know that you are acting out the role of the mentally unstable and obsessive Crazy Eyes.

Galina “Red” Reznikov is an off-kilter character on the show, easily identified by her shock of short red hair.

Sam Healy is a male corrections officer and inmate counselor on OITNB, whose costume is the typical blue jailhouse guard uniform.

Another main male character on Orange Is the New Black is Larry Bloom.

The ex-fiancé of the main character, Bloom, is a self-proclaimed writer who you can portray this Halloween with a simple blue and red checkered button-down Oxford underneath a long-sleeved blue V-neck cardigan.

All of the officially licensed Orange Is the New Black costumes are stenciled with “Property of Litchfield Corrections” and usually include an inmate name badge and serial number.

Whether you throw together your own tan or orange set of scrubs to mimic the inmate’s outfits, or you take the easy way out and simply purchase the faithful representations from the series online, you’re sure to be a hit in your OITNB Halloween costume.

photo by Dennis Sylvester Hurd via Flickr

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