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Frozen Costume Ideas for Kids

With great animation and great songs, the movie Frozen was able to win over the hearts of millions of kids and people all over the world.

It has become one of the most popular Disney movies very quickly.

Halloween is coming up, and if your child wears a Frozen outfit, trick-or-treating could be a lot of fun and a great memory.


Elsa is the movie’s main character, and her blue dress and outfit from the song “Let It Go” are a great pick.

Frozen Snow Queen Elsa Deluxe Costume for Kids
Frozen Snow Queen Elsa Deluxe Costume for Kids

Your child will love this princess outfit so much that she will want to wear it every day, not just for Halloween.

The dress has a beautiful white snowflake pattern, and it can flow when the child wearing it moves.

The outfit also comes with a pretty crown to remind your little girl that, in your eyes, she is a princess.

Blue tights and sparkly shoes are a really smart way to finish off the outfit.

Keep in mind that you can buy cheap wigs online that look like Elsa’s hair.


In the movie, Anna, Elsa’s sister and the Queen of Arendelle, wore a beautiful dark blue dress.

Frozen 2 Girls Anna Deluxe Costume
Frozen 2 Girls Anna Deluxe Costume

Anna’s outfit often has a beautiful cape that can be taken off.

And that cape might keep your child warm on Halloween night in the chilly fall weather, so she won’t have to wear a big coat that your little princess will say ruins her costume.


Olaf, the funny snowman who people liked, was the third most famous character in the movie Frozen.

Children liked his character because he was funny and loyal, which is what real friendship is all about.

Olaf wears a white outfit with a hoodie as his costume.

A brown or white T-shirt goes well with the outfit.

Frozen Olaf Inflatable Kids Costume
Frozen Olaf Inflatable Kids Costume

When it comes to shoes, white slippers or white booties go best with the Olaf outfit to keep with the snowman theme.

If you use either Anna’s or Elsa’s outfit, don’t forget to add costume jewelry.

If you have a copy of the movie Frozen at home, which you probably do, it won’t be hard to find cheap play jewelry that looks like what the sisters wear in the movie.

You can add gloves to Elsa’s Halloween outfit since she wore them most of the time in the movie.

Gloves that look great with Elsa’s costume come in two colors: white satin and light blue.

Both look great and add a great finishing touch!

If you decide to go as Anna, make sure to wear a hat and earmuffs.

This is a perfect, accurate copy of how she looked in the movie.

Anna also warms her gloves and boots a lot.

If you’re having trouble making your own Frozen Halloween costume, the movie was so popular that you can buy great costumes and clothes online that are already made.

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